Chapter 309 - 5 Months Ago

Shit. I find it so hard to believe I haven't blogged for over 5 months. I wasn't all that good at it but still, so hard to believe I just left it here for so long to rot. Either way, this is just to recap what happened in the last few months when I was AWOL.

1. I finished my internship in Mattel Development and Tooling (M) Sdn Bhd. Excellent place to work at, amazing people working there, great learning experience and very nice working atmosphere. I only have 1 complaint. There's not enough women there. Like seriously. You can count the number of girls in the entire plant of over 300 people. Very sad for a young boy like myself.

2. I graduated college. Finally taking my degree in Technology Management with Honors from University Utara Malaysia. I can finally say goodbye permanently to the stupid butthole place that is University Utara Malaysia. Good ratio of girls here, just that they're just not all that fun. Which is why I ended up with a girl 4 hours away from my home. *smacks head*

3. I was asked to help out a friend to commentate for an autocross event he was organizing and since I had nothing better to do over that weekend (sad but true), I agreed. It turned out to be one of the best events I've ever had the privilege of being a part of. Honestly, nothing beats waking up in the morning and when you're barely awake, hear the sound of tires screeching over the asphalt, the amazing soundtrack that is motor sports to wake you up. I lost like 80% of my voice by the end of day 2, breathed in a shitload of tire smoke and dirt, was hungry most of the time, and I'll do it again in a heartbeat. It was that fuckin' awesome.

I need a job money.


Chapter 308 - After A Long, Long Time

When I was walking towards the stage, I could only feel the adrenaline pumping in me. It's been almost 3 months since my internship ended and I continued working in Switch again with the assumption that I'll need to go back to college again when it reopens in September.

I was wrong. It doesn't happen very often, me being wrong, but when it comes to things related to the university and how they run their whole shindig, it just confuses me so much I just don't care. Quite possibly the chain of events which led to me being wrong in the first place.

It wasn't so much the fact that I was getting my degree or I'm finally graduating, leaving the hellhole that is University Utara Malaysia (which, is actually a nice place to study, with all the facilities and closeness to nature). Fuck UUM. The thing is that I've never actually mentally prepared myself to being a graduate and finally having to step into the world of working men and women. I have a feeling that I'm finally liberated from the constraints that was my life in college yet the fear of being unprepared or immature to step into the working world.

My dad didn't give me any time to relax at all. After walking out of the hall, he immediately told me to start looking for a job and get out of the house.

I think the only way to start with the working life is by doing things how I've always been doing them. Just wingin' it.

Chapter 307 - Birthdays & Me

It's supposed to be your birthday morning. You wake up all excited and hoping the day will be the best day you've had in ages. You check your phone for texts and your Facebook for the friends of yours who dropped you an early birthday wish or message on your "wall". You brush your teeth more vigorously, trying to look your best and make sure you get every single gap in between your teeth clean. You open your wardrobe/cupboard and choose the clothes that will compliment you the best, in fact, you hope that what you wear that day would compliment you EVEN more on that day than any other. You expect to be given a king's welcome and greeted with smiles and happy wishes on your auspicious day. You grab that cup of coffee and drink it, somehow feeling that it tastes better than it usually does, wondering it probably was brewed better than the glasses on the other not-your-birthday days.

You go about doing your daily routine, hoping for a cake or for a party or at least a small get-together with your closest friends and family. You hope the dinner is properly cooked and everyone who came for your small party will be well-fed and will have a great time socializing with your other friends and family members. You'd hope to also have fun, enjoying the chit chat and whatnot.

You'd see all your guests to the door as they leave, hoping they had as much of a great time as you did, and you'd not worry about the dishes and the cleaning up, thinking, it is after all YOUR birthday. You'd want to relax a bit, if you drink, have another drink, if you smoke, have another cigarette, if you do neither, just relax, and not long after, go unpack whatever presents your guests brought you, hoping to find something you've wanted for a long time but never actually went around to buying. After which, you will want to go get prepped for bed and before you go to sleep, look back and think to yourself what an amazing birthday you've had and be thankful you have people like that in your life willing to do those things for you.

Now, the thing about birthdays is that it doesn't always go your way and bad days don't discriminate whether it's your birthday or not. You won't necessarily wake up to a family waiting to carry you on a pedestal wherever you're going and you sure as hell ain't going to be expecting the amount of bad things that will happen to you.

I for one, don't expect anything on my birthday. I don't expect to wake up to see my floors lined with rose petals and a grand breakfast hot and ready for me to gorge on before I go off to work or whatever it is I'm supposed to do on that day. I don't expect presents because I don't get people presents. It's not that I'm cheap about getting presents, I'm just cheap altogether I just feel there's no point to getting people things they most likely will never use. I'd prefer if someone took me out for a drink or a meal or if you really want to give me something, just give me cash. Nothing beats cold hard cash unless you're giving anything below RM50 in which case, just keep the money.

Now, I'm not being ungrateful, I'm being realistic and I don't want to sound rude. I do somehow enjoy the idea of getting something I have no idea about and the fact that the person who gave whatever they gave me actually though of me enough to get me a gift. I just don't like the idea of having to go out to buy something for someone which they probably won't like (because I have no present-buying skills whatsoever) with the budget that I have (I'm still NOT cheap just VERY cheap). I'd rather take him or her out for a drink or a meal and just talk and enjoy, probably get them a slice of cake.

All-in-all, I think birthdays are a little bit overrated. I'm not saying it's an entirely bad thing, nor am I saying it's an entirely good thing either. You'd build it up in your head on how much you want to be celebrated and when things don't live up your expectation, you get disappointed and feel like the people close to you aren't actually making an effort to make you happy. The thing is, it's always good to have some kind of expectation but rather than having it on just your birthday, why not have that thought everyday? What's there to stop you from feeling special and, hopefully, make you a more joyful person?

This long post aside, I'd like to mention it's not MY birthday today, but my dad and younger brother's birthday. So, many wishes and happy returns to them.

Chapter 306 - 2011 & What I Want To See

2011 has been an awesome year so far and I hope to see this awesomeness continue. Here's 5 things I want to see happen this year.

5) People wearing frames without lens to die. Painfully. By fire.

Like that.

4) The Nintendo 3DS actually being released.

3) Twilight, arguably one of the most popular movies of the last few years, suddenly flop cause all the teenage girls watching them realized that in real life, nothing sucks more than pussies which glitter in sunlight.

2) Music returning to more than just auto-tune. I'm sick of singers relying 120% on a microphone which digitalizes their voice instead of just singing.

and the top thing I want to see this year is...

1) Justin Blower's funeral. My internet and my ears have taken enough abuse from the calamity that is this bastard. It needs to end. Now. Which is why I'm thinking of hiring some people to whip this pussy/lesbian/gay/whore/kid/alien's ass.

For all that is good in life, this.. thing must die. True story.

Chapter 305 - A Glimpse Back To 2010

Another year has passed and here's what happened to me in the year 2010.

1. I have a steady girlfriend whom I've been with for a little over a year now. (Who knew?)

2. I still think technology is like one of the best things man has discovered. Number one is beer.

3. I'm STILL working in Switch (part-time) and I'm STILL unappreciated.

4. I stopped playing Mafia Wars.

5. I went down to KL so many times in the year 2010 I lost count.

6. I spent one of my loneliest semesters ever in UUM. No biggie.

7. Had friends come and go. Some I wish to never see again.

8. Had a more than a few friends getting married. Reminds me that I'm slowly, but surely, getting older. (mind you, my girlfriend keeps calling me old too)

9. I played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

10. I re-played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

11. I re-re-played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

12. I re-re-re-played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

13. I re-re-re-re-played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

14. I re-re-re-re-re-played StarCraft 2 Story Mode.

15. I bought my first Razer product, an earphone with mic for me to use on my iPhone, PSP, and laptop.

16. I got addicted to the Razer bug and subsequently bought myself a mouse, mousepad and a shiny StarCraft 2 exclusive Razer keyboard.

17. I got all those high end gaming accessories to plug into..... my 3 year old beloved notebook.

18. I watched Kick-Ass in the cinema. Twice. Loved it.

19. Movies in this year were decent. Mostly.

20. I see more and more stupid people walking around shopping malls. Strangely, they're all fucking loaded. I'm beginning to doubt if what I was thought in school had any relevance at all in my adult life.

21. UUM got flooded. YAY!

22. Internship began in Mattel where I'll work for 4 and a half days weekly at a discounted rate of RM400 monthly.

23. Ended 2010 with a beer in my hand and 2 friends whom are steady enough to celebrate with me. I'm gonna miss them when they're in KL.

2011 started and I have to be awake in less than 6 hours to get prepped for work. Cheers.

Chapter 304 - Death On Facebook

So some mofo offed himself after his bitch dumped him. He even went as far as posting it on Facebook before he did it.

He jumped off a building cause he was being all emo and shit. So sad. Sad for the guy whose car he landed on. I sure hope his insurance pays him back for the damage.

Also, you might notice that there's 480 "Likes" on his status. I reckon his friends were all like "DUDE, YOU SHOULD LIKE TOTALLY OFF YOURSELF! THAT'D BE FUCKIN' AWESOME!". And then he did. Bet that's why it's so fuckin' awesome. I honestly can't justify why he'd wanna kill himself for a girl who clearly doesn't love him. I mean, going all Titanic and saving her from certain death is one thing but to off yourself and rid her with guilt and probably mentally scar her for life? You must be some high level nut to do that.

I have to say though. What kinda name is "Alviss"? Is it supposed to be a Chinese-efied "Elvis" or did you intend on naming yourself "Elvis" and misspelled it as "Alviss" and just stuck with it? Such a dumbass. He's the epitome of stupidity. If it were up to me, I'd put a picture of this guy in a pictorial dictionary for the word "dumbass", eg. "Alviss was such a dumbass for killing himself over his bitch."

Chapter 303 - Internship 1

So, it's been 2 days since I've started my internship and it's safe to say that I'm bored outta my mind and I'm gonna bring my PSP to work tomorrow to play my new game. That's how bored I've been. So far, all I've been asked to do is some lame typing job which a 5 year old would've been able to do. If he had the attention span. Which he probably doesn't. Like me.

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